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EKIBEN (Station Lunch Box) Museum

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How great travel by railway is! You may find new amazing cultures, dialects, personalities, and so on.

By the way, don't you feel hungry all time on traveling? You know, travelers by railway are fond of finding local foods such as Ekiben in which local cultures are packed compactly. In other word, you may find local culture in the small package of Ekiben!

Why don't you take a look at this page and travel to find your favorite Ekiben?

Here is the Ekiben List in Japan, last compiled in December, 1996.

Informations in this list is changed and updated almost everyday. Please do not worry if you cannot jump to your prefered page correctly. :-)

And some minor Ekiben may not be listed here.


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A I U E O Ha Hi Fu He Ho
Ka Ki Ku Ke Ko Ma Mi Mu Me Mo
Sa Si Su Se So Ya Yu Yo
Ta Ti Tu Te To Ra Ri Ru Re Ro
Na Ni Nu Ne No Wa


The station in the route chiefly describes there is "" (EKIBEN sign) in the timetable.

A I U E O Ha Hi Hu He Ho
Ka Ki Ku Ke Ko Ma Mi Mu Me Mo
Sa Si Su Se So Ya Yu Yo
Ta Ti Tu Te To Ra Ri Ru Re Ro
Na Ni Nu Ne No Wa

* Limitation lunch in car
* Memorial Ekiben

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